End of Light

© 2009 Hanspeter Kunz

we're prepared
all is said and done
we're waiting
we're through

we all know
that one day there will be no tomorrow
we're so snow
for one or the other way everything will melt away
[that's why] we're so low
so out of touch, society as such is frozen,
we've chosen to ignore what we can't change
for how should we arrange ourselves
with the fact that the sun isn't shining forever?

we're so stone
we pretend to sit it out,  alone we watch and wait
there's nothing we could do to turn around our fate
no solution will arrive and we won't get away alife

we had it all analyzed - it got us all paralized
we are waiting for the end [repeat]

waiting, for the sun, to go down forever
waiting for the end of light [repeat]
waiting, until the sun has gone
waiting for the end of light, waiting for the final blight

when the stars go out in a blaze of glory
all we've ever known will fade as well
noone never won't know our story
if we could only life to tell

as we stand on the edge of light and darkness
let our chant rejoice, let our songs shine through
may our voice pass on and beyond the endless
there is nothing more to do for us, nothing we could persue

waiting, for the sun to go down forever
waiting, for the end of time [repeat]
how could we ever outlast the universe?
maybe not by turning time around and transform our lives inverse?

we cannot dive, tangentially into a black hole
not to reappear at the other side, but to lock us in when space decays outside
it is fine, if we fade to black, while our lifes go dry
there is nothing more to do for us, goodbye

waiting for the dark matter to explode
waiting for the final light
waiting without breathing