© 2005 Hanspeter Kunz

“what are you – dead? or still alife?”
i do not talk while I'm asleep – so shut up!
but there's a point – am i dead?
somehow stupid to ask myself a question like that but I do not feel alife either?!
“heartbeat 40, temperature 89, respiration low, brain activity increasing”
na, try a different question: where . am . i ?
hm, everything is black – but my eyes are open?!
i might be in some kind of box
what the hell is this – somebody help me
i do not want to drown in the dark sands of time...

"the sleeper has awakened" (2x)

“be calm, relax, welcome back, sir.”
i was floating in the no-time emptyness
i have been gone 200 years are my coating
all i've ever known has now dried away
do you know what kind of world this is?
tell me what i have become
is this a zoo or some other scary place?
can it be undone?

reborn – freak of time
cannot match the pictures to the sound
speak to me – embrace my mind
bring my floating body to the ground
and the world is mine

we created the future but nobody cared to think about the results.
nobody tried to imagine what this future will look like.
i mean, for the people, for our children...
...and now, i'm one of them.

reborn – freak of time
which is a dangling illusion
speak to me – invent the past
embrace my mind as the present is a delusion
forget prophecy and prediction
be asleep rather than awake

future is a fake